Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction

This questionnaire is to find out how satisfied you are with your job. We have provided a sample model of a perfect job. It has the usual factors people consider arranged hierarchically into a Goal, Criteria and Subcriteria.

The model already has priorities in it, but the first step is to customize the priorities to represent your ideal job by: 1) dragging the bars for the criteria and subcriteria up and down or 2) making AHP pairwise comparisons.

The final step is to evaluate how well your current job satisfies you, by selecting how it rates on each of the subcriteria.

The outcome will be a decimal number. For example, if it is 0.715, that is interpreted as you being 71.5% satisfied with your job. In a typical school grading system, your current job would get about a C.

Start by evaluating the criteria, go to the left hand side menu and click on Step 1 or click on any of the criteria down below.

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