The Super Decisions software is a free of charge tool to help you learn and implement the AHP and ANP family of methods. The strength of this approach is that you can integrate tangible factors, intangible factors, and human judgments in your decisions.

How to download SuperDecisions?

Version 2.10

To go to the Windows version 2.10 page click here.

To go to the Mac version 2.10 page click here.

Version 3.2

This is the latest version of the software. It provides a new interface and enhanced tools.

To go to the Windows version 3.2 page click here.

To go to the Mac version 3.2 page click here.

Quick Start Guide

  • To download the software, you must be registered and log in to this website. If you have an account for the website you can use that information to log in.
  • Choose Windows or Mac and the version you want from above or from the left side menu to get to the download page.
  • Click the download link on that page to start the download.
  • Don't leave the page before copying your serial number from it.
  • If you forget to copy the serial number, you can always log in to this website, click the tab with your username on the top menu to get to your account, and retrieve the serial number or renew it if it has expired.
  • Useful information

  • In case of problems during the installation see the troubleshooting page.
  • If you want to report a bug go to: Bugs & Support.
  • See the tutorials pages for helpful presentations and videos on how to use the software.
  • See the sample models pages for examples of models on different subjects.
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