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Bugs and Technical Support

Troubleshooting Guide

Operating system: Windows

Error: "MSVCR120.dll is missing"
  • uninstall the SuperDecisions application going through the Control Panel
  • go to this link
  • download the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 (e.g. vcredist_x86.exe)
  • install the downloaded file and restart your computer
  • re-install SuperDecisions

Operating system: Mac OS X

Mac OS X security by default does not allow all .app extensions to be installed. It will throw an error message that the app “is damaged and can’t be opened.” This error makes you believe that the downloaded app is corrupted and that there is no application that could let it open.

However, this is just a security issue that can be corrected, as follows:

  • Go to the Apple icon, and chose System Preferences.
  • Under System Preferences, choose Security & Privacy.
  • Choose the General tab.
  • Change the Allow apps downloaded from: option to Anywhere.
  • In case that you don’t have the option “Anywhere” you have to open a terminal, run the following command:
    • sudo spctl --master-disable
    • and then re-open the system preferences and follow the above steps.
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