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  • General topic

    The projects in this group cover a wide range of topics.

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  • Site selection

    The models in this group have to do with site selection. Many of them have to do with international companies making decisions as to where to locate factories, services, and so on.

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  • Business decisions

    These are a variety of normal business decisions such as whether to build a new software application in-house, outsource it, or purchase already complete.

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  • Outsourcing decisions

    A collection of models tackling the outsourcing problem. The strategy of outsourcing functions, tasks, and activities to another company has existed for decades. During periods of recession, corporations cut costs by moving jobs that are of a repetitive nature to lower-cost regions.

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  • Decision making at the national level

    These models deal with issues faced by nations. Some are for decisions on actions to be taken outside the nation, and some decisions on internal actions.

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  • Decision making at the local level

    Many projects over the years have been done on local Pittsburgh or Pennsylvania issues. Some of the better ones are included here.

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  • Automobile industry

    Several studies have been done over the years on decision making in the auto industry. Some of the projects presented here were studies on what the best decision was in certain situations. The decisions had not yet been made. In some cases they were extremely accurate predictors of what the companies ended up doing.

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  • Personal decisions

    These projects fall into the category of personal decision making and include such topics as deciding on a career.

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  • Sports decisions

    In this section we have models related to sports like analyzing quarterback picks in the NFL Draft or who could be the successor of a specific player

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  • Market share forecasts

    Market share models are simple ANP networks that attempt to estimate the market share of products, companies and organizations using "soft" factors of the type that most consumers have in mind when they make a choice. The normalized priorities that result from a market share model can be compared to data such as dollar sales, radio audiences, etc. by normalizing that data. To normalize any set of numbers to 1, sum the numbers and divide each by that sum. The numbers will then be decimals that sum to 1 and can be compared to the priorities of the ANP model.

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