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New repository for everyone’s AHP material

More than 400 papers, books, videos and software tools already added

Description: New tabs for Societies, Papers, Books, Journals, and Resources have been added to the Creative Decisions website These are to be used for maintaining lists of AHP/ANP materials with the aim of creating a rich repository of material for the AHP community. You do not need to be registered to access this material. You are invited to add your own material (while registered and logged in) using the templates provided.

So far the list includes 263 papers and 15 books by Thomas Saaty as well as his outlines for two and three day seminars and workshops on AHP and ANP. References to papers and books may have links to where to obtain them, or include the abstract or complete paper (in pdf format). The societies, and there are many, include those that have presentations and tracks on AHP or ANP. The journals are those that have published AHP/ANP papers in the past or have had special issues for papers given at International Symposium on AHP conferences (ISAHP). Resources include a variety of materials such as course syllabi, workshop and seminar outlines, powerpoint slides, videos, and software tools (or links to them). Recently an Excel spreadsheet of factors with priorities derived through AHP has been added that you can use to estimate your satisfaction with life.

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